Treasure Chess K-12 Scholastic Tournament at University of Illinois


Want a new chess challenge? Join us for the Treasure Chess Tournament at the prestigious University of Illinois on Sunday, October 22, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm. It's a 5-Round, K-12 Scholastic Tournament. There are 4 USCF Rated Sections & 5 Unrated Sections. Trophies or other chess awards to top 5 finishers in each section. Team trophies to top 3 teams. Knight's Tour Mystery Challenge. Participation Prizes for all entrants. (Check all FAQs for details)

Register online now for this exciting new 1-day event held on campus in the Illini Union: Room 104 and the historic Colonial Room. Click on Tickets. Entry fee is just $10 online ($15 at the door). You'll meet the Illini Chess Team. Explore campus. Checkout the Illini dining Scene. And more. Overnight Accommodations and Free Parking are available. Click these links in the FAQ sections. And 100%of our net profits will be donated to Family Service and Eastern Illinois Food Bank of Champaign-Urbana.

Special thanks to the University of Illinois Chess Club and The Illinois Chess Association for making this event possible.Register online now. Just click on "Tickets". Please call or email us with any questions/concerns: 603-733-9260, And please see our FAQs for full tournament details.

What about Chess Fest? This long-running, much loved, local tournament has retired, giving rise to the Treasure Chess K-12 Scholastic Tournament. You can play unrated chess (a la Chess Fest) or USCF Rated chess. Your choice. Plus, we've moved the venue to the celebrated University of Illinois campus. Between rounds, you can picnic on the Quad, play soccer, frisbee, etc. Parental supervision required. Prizes, surprises, join us, enjoy!

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