Turmoil within Indian Chess Federation


Rift within Indian chess federation comes out into open

Chennai, Dec 7 (IANS) The simmering rift within the All India Chess Federation (AICF) office-bearers have out into the open with its President and Secretary crossing swords, sources said.

Saturday was a day of interesting developments with Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan calling a special meeting of the AICF general body to discuss various issues, including early elections for the federation considering the extraordinary situation.

According to the general body meeting notice, the members would also discuss the malafide show cause notice issued by President P.R. Venketrama Raja to Chauhan.

The meeting has been called by Chauhan at the request of more than 10 AICF members as per the by-laws.

On Friday, Raja in a letter to Chauhan cancelled the central council meeting called by the latter. On Saturday, Raja issued a show-cause notice to Chauhan.

On his part, Chauhan told IANS that the meeting will go on as scheduled.

Chauhan had also informed Raja that the central council meeting will be held as scheduled.

Raja in a letter to Chauhan on Friday said the central council meeting called by the latter on December 22 was unauthorised and without his permission.

"No resolution purported to have been passed at such illegally conducted meeting would be valid and binding on the federation," Raja told Chauhan.

Chauhan on November 30 had called the central council meeting at Gurgaon.

"As per legal requirements, you are specifically required to convene the meetings of the central council, among other things, on the direction of the President. I have not given any such direction to convene the meeting and you had gone ahead and called for the meeting which is ultra vires of your power as a Secretary," Raja''s letter noted.

"The proposed agenda that was circulated by you was not sent for my approval and also not been approved by me. Such act of yours is unconstitutional and creates problems in the smooth working of the Federation, besides exceeding your authority," Raja told Chauhan.