Webster University GMs Cori & Nyzhnyk win 2018 SPICE Cup - Cori tops Armageddon


​Final standings


Armageddon Playoff Video:


2018 SPICE Cup Chess Open

$16,550 Guaranteed

Sponsored by Webster University and the Susan Polgar Foundation

St. Louis, Missouri

October 23–28, 2018 (Tuesday - Sunday)

Chess Prizes:

$16,550 guaranteed


U/2400 FIDE $600-$400-$250

U/2250 FIDE $400-$250-$150

Top Senior 50 and older $250-$150 (Born prior to January 1, 1968 – Can win both open + senior prize)

Top Junior 14 and under $250-$150 (Born after January 1, 2004 - Can win open, junior and women)

Closing Ceremony:

Round 9 photos:

Round 8 photos:

Round 7 photos:

Round 6 photos:

Round 5 photos:

Round 4 photos:

Round 3 photos:

​Round 2 photos:

Round 1 photos:


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Nina D. Jean
Nina D. Jean

GMs Cori and Nyzhnyk are very good players of Webster university. They have achieved this goal after so much hard work and passion but now students can check purple cv review to manage the task. The 2018 Spice cup is a dream for a number of students of the institute. Thanks for sharing this post with us.