Who can dethrone Carlsen in 2018?


2018 is going to be a very big year in chess as Magnus Carlsen goes for a World Championship 4-peat
Matthew DeBord

The 2018 World Chess Championship will take place in London in November.

Current World Champ Magnus Carlsen will take on a challenger to be decided in March in Berlin.

Two American players have a shot at facing Carlsen.

In 2016, Norway's Magnus Carlsen defeated Russia's Sergey Karjakin in a tight match held in New York to claim his third World Chess Championship title.

  • Carlsen, 27, will be going for the four-peat in London this November. It will be the climax of a big 2018, with the race to take on Magnus beginning in March with the Candidates Tournament.

For American chess fans, there will once again be a chance to root for the first US World Champ since Bobby Fischer. Fabiano Carunana, two-years younger than Carlsen and now the second-ranked player in the world, narrowly missed winning the previous Candidates, while Wesley So, a year younger than Caruana, has come on strong in the past few years and is currently world number six, residing just out side the 2800-rated club, at 2792 (both Carlsen and Caruana are rated above 2800).

  • Carlsen's play since his WCC win in 2016 has been up-and-down. He came back on form mid-2017, but at the London Chess Classic in December he had a mediocre performance. Caruana, meanwhile, won that event, capping a recovery that pulled his world ranking back from a low of number five.

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