World Class Chess Trolling!


"I don't understand you": Young Ukrainian chess player to Russian rival

16:40, 06 August 2018

The Russian chess counterpart seemed to have been confused when he heard a response in English after addressing the Ukrainian boy in Russian.

A young Ukrainian chess player Roman Kovalskyi's response to his Russian counterpart's address in Russian at the international tournament quickly went viral after being posted in a social network by his mother.

"Roma [a diminutive of 'Roman'] was playing chess with a rival from Russia, who asked Roma [in Russian]: 'What's your rating?' Roma said, in English: 'I don't understand you," Kovalskyi's mother wrote on Facebook. Confused, the Russian player said, "What?!"

A kid from Moldova sitting next to him explained to the Russian chess participant, referring to Kovalskyi that the Ukrainian chess player "does not understand Russian." "Why doesn't he? He is from Ukraine," the Russian said, expressing sincere belief of most Russians that Ukrainians must understand and speak Russian.

After the chess game, which Roma won, he told his mother: "Mom, I have dreamed for so long to troll Russians this way."

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