World Rapid & Blitz 2018 Registration and Visa


Dear Chess Friends!

FIDE announces that Registration system for the King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships is open at


Please be informed that the invitation letter for Russian Embassies will be available for download at the online registration system , under section B. Registrations. Please note that the download option will be available only for accredited participants that based on the submitted country of passport, they are required to have a visa to enter Russia.

You will be able to proceed with the visa procedure from December, the 10th.

•    A participant may apply for visa either in his home country or abroad.

•    The main condition is to apply for a Russian visa only in official institutions, such as the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy, Consulate-General or an official Visa Application Center.

•    Other institutions and travel agencies offering their services will have no access to the information regarding the World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships.

•    When applying for a Russian visa, alongside with a complete set of documents requested by the Embassy, participants must provide the official invitation from the Russian Chess Federation. This invitation was approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. It is the main basis for issuing a visa that substitutes for a telex/ reference number.

Registration of the Reigning National Champions 2018

Please note, that each Reigning National Champions 2018 should provide a proof of the title via National Federations.

The official letter from your National Federation need to be sent to RCF official representative Artem in order to be accredited.

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