Parents must support young chess players, too


Editor, the Record:

In response to the March 18 editorial about the lack of girls on the Pocono Mountain East High School chess team, I would like to say that I think everyone involved would love to see girls join the team. However, the responsibility for having girls on the team falls not only on the school or on the girls themselves, but on the parents.

My son has been on the team since the beginning of the school year, and as your editorial pointed out, being part of a competitive chess team requires a great deal of hard work and very little glory. Parents need to support their kids’ desire to be part of the team, whether that means nagging them to practice, insisting that they stick with the game even when they’re frustrated, driving to tournaments or paying entry fees.

Parents also need to encourage their children — of both genders — to learn to play when they are young. Most of the team members have been playing for years. This mother believes the team welcomes hardworking players of both genders. I was delighted to see the younger sister of one of East’s top players participate in her first tournament last weekend.

My own third-grade daughter played in her first tournament last weekend at Northampton Community College. The tournament is open to all kids.


Mount Pocono 


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