113th US Open Chess Championship – Webster makes a clean sweep


The Championship was sponsored by the Vancouver USA Regional Tourism Office. 517 players competed in the merged tournament.

Three players tied for first place with 8 points out of 9 games – Grandmaster Manuel Hoyes of Mexico, Grandmaster Dmitry Gurevich of Illinois and FIDE Master John Bryant of California.

Manuel Leon Hoyos won an Armageddon playoff with the white pieces (5′+5” vs 3′+5” and draw odds) against John Bryant to earn the title of 2012 United States Open Chess Champion. Hoyos is the reigning Mexican Champion currently attending Webster University in St. Louis.

 "Manuel Leon Hoyos"GM Manuel Leon Hoyos

Bryant is the top American finisher on tiebreaks and is qualified for the 2013 U.S. Closed Championship.

Final standings:

1-3. GM Hoyos Manuel Leon MEX 2679 (Webster University Freshman), GM Gurevich Dmitry IL 2539 and FM Bryant John Daniel CA 2455 – 8.0

4-8. GM Seirawan Yasser WA 2674, GM Shabalov Alexander PA 2619, GM Diamant Andre BRA 2573 (Webster University Sophomore), IM Sarkar Justin NY 2483 and IM Bercys Salvijus NY 2479 – 7.5

9-22. GM Bykhovsky Anatoly ISR 2653 (Webster University Junior), GM Ramirez Alejandro TX 2643, Norowitz Yaacov NJ 2569, IM Mulyar Michael A CO 2456, IM Kaufman Raymond CA 2420, IM Neimer Vitaly ISR 2406, Shetty Atulya Arya MI 2400, Aaron Deepak NY 2353, Breckenridge Steven OR 2349, FM Thompson Ian D ENG 2343, FM Raptis Nick OR 2330, Mo Kevin PA 2325, Vibbert Sean IN 2315 and Guadalupe Francisco L Ii TX 2305 – 7.0 etc

US Open Blitz Championship

There were 129 players participating in this event. The winners were:

1. Andre Diamant from Brazil (Webster University) $490.00 – 12.0

2. Anatoly Bykhovsky from Israel (Webster University) $245.00 – 11.5

3-6. U2400 Shetty Atulya from MI, Steve Breckenridge from OR, Nick Raptis from OR 11.0 $184.00 each, 1st U2200 Bryce Tiglon from WA $245.00 – 11.0 each etc

 "Andre Diamant"

US Open Game 15 Championship

38 players took part in this event. The winners were Andre Diamant and Vitaly Neimer (both Webster University) with 4.5/5 points.