An alarming number?

I am at the 2nd Annual All-Girls Championships (located at the Biltmore) in Santa Clara, CA, sponsored by the Susan Polgar Foundation and Webster University, and organized by Bay Area Chess.

By a rough estimate, about 10% of the girls are white. 0% African American or Hispanic. 90% Asian (Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, etc.).

This is a very different trend than when I used to play chess. I believe I was the only Asian Master around 1980. There were rarely any Asian chess players.

When did this trend begin? And what can be done to get more kids, especially girls, from all ethnic groups to play and benefit from chess?

We are quite diversified at SPICE as you can see from the list below (American, European, Hispanic, African American, Asian, Girls, etc.):

GM Cori, Jorge (Peru) 2657
GM Robson, Ray (USA) 2644 (Team Captain)
GM Shimanov, Aleksandr (Russia) 2640
GM Durarbayli, Vasif (Azerbaijan) 2630
GM Prohaszka, Peter (Hungary) 2614
GM Cordova, Emilio (Peru) 2608
GM Nyzhnyk, Illia (Ukraine) 2594
GM Liang, Awonder 2554 (Junior Member)
GM Kannappan, Priyadharshan (India) 2516
GM Leon Hoyos, Manuel (Mexico) 2490
FM Williams, Justus (USA)
SM Grabinsky, Aaron (USA)
FM Colas, Joshua (USA)
NM Black, James (USA)
WFM Cervantes, Thalia (Junior Member) - F
Polgar-Shutzman, Tom (USA)
Swindell, Shawn (USA)
Gosdin, Kaleb (USA)
WFM Mercado Mendoza, Luisa (Colombia) - F
Shoykhet, Ben (Junior Member)
Macom, William (USA)
Truong, Paul M (USA)
Whatley, Tori (USA) - F
Fatima Rashid, Noor (Pakistan) - F