Brand new official chess course for young beginners, parents and coaches!


Grandmaster Susan Polgar has just released her official course for chess parents and coaches!

If you have young children and want them introduced to the wonderful world of chess by a World-Class Chess Trainer from the legendary Polgar family…

...this is definitely for you.

GM Susan teaches kids chess from scratch... in a way that is tons of fun, yet still adheres to the classical principles of chess training she has mastered over a 45+ year career in the profession.

And I want you to sample this course now for is really that good.

I’m hoping you’ll partner with GM Susan in making your child’s chess life not only a source of endless joy but also an area they can truly excel in!

Grab the download below, observe the professional standard of GM Susan’s training and get your child started learning chess the proper way!

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With this Download, Your Children Master the 3 Opening ESSENTIAL Skills:

  • Control the Center, Control the Game! Placing pieces around the center is the secret to multiplying their power...sometimes. GM Susan reveals which pieces excel at this, which should keep a distance, and WHY this is vitally important for controlling the game.

  • Get Your Players onto the Field! When children play sports, they’re quick to shout “UNFAIR!” if the other team has more players than theirs. But when playing chess they’ll play a WHOLE game with 1-2 pieces and the rest on the sidelines...even as their opponent brings out the WHOLE army! GM Susan teaches them why getting ALL the players onto the field is vital for avoiding loss (or getting quick wins!), and why is it actually a race to see who gets onto the field first!
  • Evacuate the King! Lose the king, lose the’s that simple. But children often forget about this feeble ‘old man’ of the chessboard, leaving him to be checkmated the moment enemy pieces come near. GM Susan teaches a special move which evacuates the king to the other side of the board and a system of development assuring he’ll get there as EARLY as possible...tough to checkmate him when he’s hiding in his castle!

Paul, these lessons might seem simple to you…

For adults they are.

But the way they are taught to children is the is the difference between a delighted young talent who “gets it” and a frustrated beginner who gives the game up as too difficult.

Grab the download and see Susan work her magic in teaching the keys to great opening play.

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