Breaking Through Another Unbreakable Record


For years, many people said that the College Chess record of UMBC winning 5 consecutive PanAm InterCollegiate Championships (1998-2002) could never ever be broken. It was a formidable record, and that was one of the records our students were aiming for.

Webster University SPICE chess program, in its 6th year of existence, has just won its 6th consecutive PanAm InterCollegiate Chess Championships (2012-2017).

In 2012, our A & B team tied for 1st in Princeton, NJ
In 2013, our A team won clear first with a perfect 6-0 record in Lubbock, TX
In 2014, our A team won clear first in South Padre Island, TX
In 2015, our B team tied for 1st in Cleveland, OH
In 2016, our A and B team won clear 1st in New Orleans, LA
In 2017, our A team won clear 1st in Columbus, OH

Overall, the SPICE program has also won 7 consecutive Final Four National Championships (2011 & 2012 with TTU, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 with Webster). This is also a record, both for the longest winning streak, as well as most Final Four titles, 7.