The Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE) at Webster University welcomes all undergraduate/graduate students to apply for a SPICE Chess Scholarship for the next academic year.

The Chess Excellence scholarship may include partial or full tuition, fees, room, and/or board for undergraduate students, plus chess allowance.

To be awarded, applicants must have an over-the-board tournament play USCF and/or FIDE rating that is less than two years old. Applicants must meet Webster University general admission requirements.

There are 3 levels of SPICE Scholarships:

* Level 1 and 1+: Generally for Grandmasters with 2600+ and 2700+ FIDE rating

* Level 2: Generally for Grandmasters and International Masters with 2500+ FIDE rating

* Level 3: Others

Minor exceptions can be made based on age, rating, and merit. Applications are reviewed by the SPICE Scholarship Committee.

Head Coach: Susan Polgar

Coach and Chief Strategist: Paul Truong

GM Cori, Jorge (Peru)

GM Bruzon, Lazaro (Cuba)

GM Shimanov, Aleksandr (Russia)

GM Durarbayli, Vasif (Azerbaijan)

GM Prohaszka, Peter (Hungary)

GM Quesada, Yuniesky (Cuba)

GM Cordova, Emilio (Peru)

GM Nyzhnyk, Illia (Ukraine)

GM Liang, Awonder (Junior Member)

FM Williams, Justus (USA)​

SM Grabinsky, Aaron (USA)

FM Colas, Joshua (USA)

WFM Cervantes, Thalia (Junior Member)

Polgar-Shutzman, Tom (USA)

Swindell, Shawn (USA)

Shoykhet, Ben (Junior Member)

SPICE scholarships acknowledge student chess and academic accomplishments, such as superior tournament play, excellent scholastic chess community service, and outstanding academic record. Scholarships are renewable up to the completion of 128 undergraduate credit hours or up to the completion of minimum number of graduate credit hours required for your graduate program.

Renewals by application are conditional upon playing in local, regional, state, and/or national-level tournaments as determined by the SPICE scholarship committee; sufficient local scholastic chess community service as determined by the SPICE scholarship committee; and/or good academic standing as determined by Webster University (minimum 3.0 and above).


SPICE Scholarship Application Forms:

Undergraduate students:

Graduate students: