Fit body, fit mind, better chess!


Chess and Fitness is nothing new for members of the SPICE team. If one wants to be a top notch chess player, fitness will for sure play a very important role. While we train extremely hard in chess, we also pay a lot of focus to physical training.

In the US, most Swiss Open Chess Tournaments consist of 2 games a day, and sometimes even 3. Therefore, a player can technically plays 8-10-12 hours with very little rest in-between. Unless a player is fit mentally, emotionally, and physically, the playing level will diminish dramatically after a certain amount of hours.

College chess is also the same. Most of the time we play 2 games a day. That can last up to 10-12 hours in classical chess. When the body and mind are tired, blunders will occur.

In some of the photos above, you can see our students doing CrossFit training. Being fit is one of the reasons why we have won an unprecedented 7 consecutive National Division I Championships.