IM David Brodsky wins 2018 US Cadet Chess Championship in San Jose


Final standings

Chess Format: 7 rounds of Round Robin

Time Control: 40/90 SD30 +30s

Thursday, July 12

Opening ceremony: 3PM (drawing of lots)

Round 1: 4PM

Friday, July 13

Round 2&3: 10AM and 4PM

Saturday, July 14

Round 4&5: 10AM and 4PM

Sunday, July 15

Round 6&7: 10AM & 3PM

Trophy ceremony: around 7PM

The tournament is using:

FIDE chess rules with modification to forfeit time is 30 minutes.

USCF pairing table for 8 chess players round robin format (USCF Table C)

Tiebreak system adapted from Saint Louis Chess Club:

  1. Direct Encounter (if applicable)
  2. Most Blacks
  3. Koya System
  4. Sonneborn-Berger
  5. Won Games

Playoff has the following format:

The chess players will play two rapid games, with G/10;d5 time control, with alternating colors. If the score after two games is 1-1, the playoff moves on to an Armageddon match.

In the Armageddon chess match, White will get 6 minutes, Black will get 5 minutes. Colors will be allocated before the chess game with coin toss. White must win for victory, therefore Black needs draw or win for victory.

Official chess website: