Josiah Stearman leads US Cadets Chess Championship after 2 rounds


​Standings after 2 rounds

The chess players:

David Brodsky (2496) from NY

Rayan Taghizadeh (2410) from CA

Josiah Stearman (2371) from CA

Gabriel Sam (2328) from CA

Aravind Kumar (2315) from NJ

Akira Nakada (2329) from NY

Jason Wang (2279) from OH

Max Li (2247) from NY

Official website:

Link for the live chess games:

Completed Chess Games

(download pgn by click on the link)

Round 1

Board 1: David Brodsky vs. Jason Wang

Board 2: Akira Nakada vs. Gabriel Sam

Board 3: Aravind Kumar vs. RAyan Taghizadeh

Board 4: Max Li vs. Joshiah Stearman

Round 2

Board 1: Jason Wang vs. Max Li

Board 2: Joshia Stearman vs. Aravind Kumar

Board 3: Rayan Taghizadeh vs. Akira Nakada

Board 4: Gabriel Sam vs. David Brodsky

Chess Format: 7 rounds of Round Robin

Time Control: 40/90 SD30 +30s

Thursday, July 12

Opening ceremony: 3PM (drawing of lots)

Round 1: 4PM

Friday, July 13

Round 2&3: 10AM and 4PM

Saturday, July 14

Round 4&5: 10AM and 4PM

Sunday, July 15

Round 6&7: 10AM & 3PM

Trophy ceremony: around 7PM 

Chess Playoff will have the following format:

The players will play two rapid chess games, with G/10;d5 time control, with alternating colors. If the score after two games is 1-1, the playoff moves on to an Armageddon chess match.

In the Armageddon chess match, White will get 6 minutes, Black will get 5 minutes. Colors will be allocated with coin toss. White must win for victory, therefore Black needs draw or win for victory.