Special Chess Contest! Win FREE 1 on 1 lessons!

The 2018 College Chess Final Four will take place on March 30 - April 1 in at the Marshall Chess Club in NY City

​This is a fun contest. Below are 7 grandmasters who are eligible to be a part of the 2018 Webster University Final Four team. However, the College Chess rule only allows us to have 6 players (4 starters and 2 substitute players). And on March 30 at about 9 pm, we must submit our final roster of 6 players with specific board order from 1-6.

Name - FIDE ratings

GM Jorge Cori 2660
GM Ray Robson 2645
GM Alex Shimanov 2641
GM Vasif Durarabayli 2622
GM Peter Prohaszka 2616
GM Emilio Cordova 2606
GM Illia Nyzhnyk 2603

Head Coach: GM Susan Polgar
Coach & Chief Strategist: Paul Truong
Team Assistant: GM Priyadharshan Kannappan

​So this is the contest. You get to play Webster University At-Home Coach & Strategist. You need to decide which 6 players should make our Final Four team, and what should be the board order from 1-6.

Post your answers in the comment section below. Each of the first 20 correct answers will receive a signed SPICE chess board and SPICE T-Shirt. All correct answers will be included in the raffle for the Grand Prize which is 5 hours of online coaching with various grandmasters from our #1 ranked team, including me!

The deadline for submitting your answers will be at noon on March 30, 2018. Good luck and have fun!

Jorge Cori

Ray Robson

Alex Shimanov

Vasif Durarbayli

Peter Prohaszka

Emilio Cordova

Illia Nyzhnyk

No. 1-8

GM Cordova


GM Nyzhnyk


GM Prohaszka


GM Shimanov


GM Robson