SPICE is expanding!

Over the last 5 years, I have received countless requests to expand SPICE. I was very reluctant because I wanted the perfect partners who can handle the responsibility of carrying out the SPICE training curriculum properly.

As of today, we have entered into a preliminary agreement to expand SPICE to more than 60 K-12 schools in Asia to start. This number is expected to grow rapidly. The demands are enormous.

Too many chess schools/groups failed because of the lack of proper structure, sound curriculum, and the right system to foster rapid growth. I have seen too many instructors teaching chess the wrong way because they care more about profits or short-term success than providing a sound learning environment.

I am very excited about this new expansion. There are plans to expand SPICE into K-12 organizations within the US as well. Chess is booming and it is crucially important to do it the right way.