The most impressive university in the world

$1 billion budget annually to educate 800 super bright grad students (Masters and Ph.D.)

KAUST - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

I have visited countless universities and campuses around the world. There is nothing like KAUST. The standards and quality is second to none. It is massive, luxurious, and accommodating.

The university annual operating budget is $1 billion for 800 incredibly talented and bright grad students (Masters and Ph.D.), with a substantial percentage being female!

I must say that I am utterly impressed!

No. 1-1

Susan gave an amazing talk today and my 9th grade students were so inspired! I asked a few students what was their favorite part of the lecture and here's what I heard "I really loved the feministic aspects, now I know I can do anything" and "I didn't know chess has so many additional mental benefits". As a teacher, I'm so glad my students have the words, expressions and images to see themselves also overcoming challenges. I think it's wonderful to see evidence that we women are mentally equal!