Webster’s Road to Success
By GM Priyadharshan Kannappan|January 11, 2018|College, News

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
–Henry Ford

That quote can be summarized in a single word, and that is Webster! I am going to primarily focus on the laborious efforts of the Webster team on its path to success in Columbus, as a recap of the whole tournament is written by Al Lawrence in another article.

When the Webster team started its journey on December 26,2017 to Columbus, we hoped that all the bumps before the event had come to an end, only to find out that there were few more hiccups before we reached our destination.

The first bump we faced as a team before the event was final exams until December 22nd, which left most of the players with very limited time to train and, also, to get in the spirit of Christmas!

When everyone finished with their exams, then came the next shocker to the team, which was GM Ilya Nyzhnyk falling sick and being diagnosed with pneumonia, which derailed our board order plans. Ilya was so sick that it was highly doubtful if he could make it to Columbus with the team. As lineup changes happened at the last minute, few of the team members had to prepare for additional opponents to make sure they have bullet proofed all their chess weaknesses.

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