Webster University Chess Structure


At Webster University, we have 3 different chess platforms. Here is the general explanation:

1) Webster University Chess Club: This is a student run chess club. They receive a budget from the university, just as other clubs on campus. Anyone can join and participate.

2) SPICE Chess Club at Webster University: This is a part of the SPICE program. This is for more serious students who commit to improve and get better. These students have access to our chess facility, chess library, computers with state of the art chess software and database, etc. However, there is no concrete commitment to chess improvement and training for members of the SPICE Chess Club at Webster. There is also no minimum required GPA. These students do not represent Webster University in competition.

3) Webster University SPICE Chess Team: The players on the team must meet all requirements such as

• Maintain good academic standing as determined by Webster University (3.0 of a 4.0 scale)

• Play in local, regional, state, and/or national-level tournaments as determined by the SPICE committee

• Volunteer in local scholastic chess community service, such as teaching and/or assist at tournaments

• Allow the SPICE committee to review current grades and academic performance for scholarship renewal applications and enrollment requirements for students

• Follow the policies and directions given by the SPICE leadership connected to training schedules and other chess-related issues