What is SPICE? And what sets us apart from other chess programs?


What is SPICE? And what sets us apart from others? The answer is simple!

We are family!

We spend time together! We have fun together! We support each other. We train together! We fight together!

We are one family!

And after our students graduate, we would do everything we can to open professional doors for them when or if they need. Our support system continues for as long as necessary, even years later.

But it is NOT just fun and games. We take what we do very seriously. And we expect the highest level of dedication, discipline, professionalism, and hard work, both academically and on the chess board.

But just as everything else in life, there will always be some who will do the minimum to meet our standards because other extra curricular activities are more important to them, and there are some who will constantly ask for more training time and tougher regiments. And the success levels are usually based on how much effort the students put in.

As the famous saying goes: You can lead the horse to the water, but you cannot make the horse drink it!

We cannot make the students want more success. It is up to each individual to decide what is more important to them. However, as I often said, if students want easier and less demanding paths, there are other schools and programs which would value partying and having fun much more than achieving academic and chess excellence.

We have a long line of strong 2600+ grandmasters who want to attend Webster University and join our SPICE program. Why? Because they want to improve their chess with our exclusive SPICE training method. But we have very limited full scholarships and opportunities available.

For example, we just had two Grandmasters graduated from Webster University in May 2018 (Ray Robson and Priyadharshan Kannappan) and those two scholarships immediately went to Grandmasters Lazaro Bruzon and Yuniesky Quesada. Grandmaster Manuel Leon Hoyos graduated in January 2018 and his scholarship went to Grandmaster Emilio Cordova. This is the same every year. There are never "empty spots" as the demands are so high.

We will have a few more Grandmasters graduating in January and May 2019 and there are way more applications than spots available.

The only one thing that I can guarantee is if a student puts in the intense effort and follow the SPICE system, they will be successful!