2 interviews about the late Women's World Chess Champion Lyudmila Rudenko


PRI Radio Interview:

In an interview with Public Radio International (PRI), I was asked extensively about the late Women's World Chess Champion Lyumila Rudenko. You can listen to the entire 5+ minute interview here:

It is the 4th story down with the title: Google honors Soviet-era chess champ.

Or you can click play in the box below. The interview starts at the 16:30 mark:

My Quartz Interview:

Lyudmila Rudenko was only the second person ever to claim the title of Women’s World Chess Champion—and she helped spark more than 40 years of Soviet dominance of the competition. Today (July 27), on what would have been her 114th birthday, she has been honored with a Google Doodle.

“We can never forget the struggle—the lack of opportunity, support, information, as well as having to withstand sexism and discrimination—that women had to endure in the male-dominated field of chess,” said Susan Polgar, the chess Grandmaster, to Quartz.

Though Rudenko spent decades studying chess theory, she was never a professional player. Instead, she worked as an economic planner for the Soviet Union, cramming in practice and trying to raise her son at the same time. “That is to me quite remarkable,” Polgar said.

Full story here:


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