2018 SPF Girl's Invitational Photos


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2018 SPFGI Blitz Champion with perfect score: Thalia Cervantes

2018 SPFGI Puzzle Solving Champion with perfect score: Thalia Cervantes

2018 SPFGI Bughouse Champions with perfect score: Simone Morden and Svetlana Demchenko! Congratulations!



FIDE Regulation #5. Fundamentally, the fairest way to decide the final ranking of players having equal scores at the end of a tournament will be a playoff tournament. Often, there is not time enough to organize tie‐break matches with similar playing time as in the main tournament. Therefore tie‐break matches with very short playing times, mainly rapid or blitz matches are organized.

At the SPFGI, if necessary, in a 2-way tie for 1st, a G/5’ 0”delay / increment blitz playoff game will be utilized to determine scholarship category winners among the top players at the 2018 SPFGI.

If 3 or more players tie for 1st, the top two finishers on tiebreaks will play a playoff game with the same conditions as mentioned above to determine the top 2 order of scholarships. The 3rd scholarship will be determined strictly by tiebreaks for the remaining player(s) who tied for 1st.

The 2018 SPFGI utilizes the following tie-breaks to determine the top 2 for the playoff:

Buchholz system

Median Buchholz or Buchholz cut

Greater number of wins

Wins with black pieces


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