Brave female chess player who faced sexual harassment spoke up


Disclaimer:Everyone has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to the law. We are just reporting the allegation.

Peruvian chess coach admits then denies sexually harassing player Ingrid Aliaga

By Charles Anderson

Six-time national Peruvian chess champion Ingrid Aliaga says she was sexually harassed by team manager Dorges Heredia in early March. (Canal N, video in Spanish)

I have suffered sexual harassment from the Chess Federation coach, Dorges Heredia, Aliaga said. What happened was that when we were training he approached me, he told me I was pretty, he insinuated me and I told him not to take advantage.

After receiving Aliagas first claims, Peruvian chess federation (FDPA) president Boris Ascue said she was disqualified to present such accusations.

However, after a 7-minute audio recording of Heredias confession and other players confirmations emerged, Ascue finally banned the manager from chess training sessions. (El País, in Spanish)

(This is the reason why I wrote this article:

I too have faced this problem, and so do many other female chess players. Some of the male players who committed these despicable acts are celebrated and getting high-five from their colleagues instead of being punished.)

However, on September 3 Heredia published in his Facebook page and also in the FDPAs an open letter with his version, where he firmly denied all allegations.

The FDPA president Ascue argues Aliaga was excluded from the national chess team because she played only a few tournaments in 2018 and only finished sixth in the national chess championships. Aliaga replied her low performance was because he [Ascue] did not register me for several tournaments I wanted to take part in.

The Peruvian chess championship took place only a few days after the harassment, when I was very affected psychologically, Aliaga told El Pais. For that same reason I did not file any official complaint till May, because I did not dare do it. But now I encourage all athletes affected by similar cases in any country in the world to not be afraid to denounce.

A known character in justice halls, Ascue was sentenced to two 3-year prison terms in 2005 and 2007 for illegal appropriation, one two-year sentence for negligent homicide and an array of different charges (Elco Mercio). According to the Superior Council of Sports Justices first cause of disqualification, such convictions should negate his capability to hold public office.

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