I am happy to see that 4 young ladies who attended my extensive all-girls chess training in Saigon, Vietnam, Geneva, Switzerland, and Vienna, Austria in the top 8 in the world in girl's ranking! All are IMs with several GM norms earned. Many others also became IMs with GM norms but because they are slightly older, they are no longer on this top girls chess list.

This chess initiative was sponsored by FIDE, Women's Commission, Webster University, and the Susan Polgar Foundation. FIDE stopped supporting this chess program in the past 2 years due to financial issues. I hope that after the next FIDE election, this chess program will be revived.

#2 Abdumalik, Zhansaya m KAZ 2481

#3 Mammadzada, Gunay m AZE 2426

#7 Osmak, Iulija m UKR 2410

#8 Nomin-Erdene, Davaademberel m MGL 2366

Unfortunately, there is very little support for this type of serious chess training for girls in the United States. In fact, several parents of strong young American female players, as well as several American chess politicians, said that they do not feel that I am strong enough to help the girls, and male coaches are needed, even though I have worked with 2600 - 2700+ players, including people who competed in the Candidates and World Chess Championships, with great success for years 😃

Some things just do not change, even in 2018 🤔

Please note that all these young ladies have other chess coaches and big support from their families. So 99% of the credits go to them. I am just happy to be able to help a little, and to give them support and encouragement.


Women's Chess