India v Bulgaria and Armenia v Kazakhstan at 2020 SPFGI Playoff

Susan Polgar

#1 seed: WIM Priyanka Nutakki, IND, 2263, 25049615 ID: Ind1anStar

#2 seed: WGM Anna M Sargsyan, ARM, 2404, 13308130 ID: Anothergrumpy

#3 seed: WCM Asel Lesbekova, KAZ, 1920, 13713248 ID: asellesbekova1

#4 seed: WIM, FM Gergana Peycheva, BUL, 2255, 2916711 ID: esskeettit

Play-off format:

  • Top 4 players from the open tournament to participate in an elimination style play-off.
  • Time control: G/15+2 (Game in 15 minutes with 2 second increment)
  • Semifinal: 1st place vs 4th place, 2nd place vs 3rd place -- Color allocation via coin flip
  • Final: Winners of the two games go into the Final, and play two games, G/15’+2”, with alternating colors
    • If the score after two games is 1-1, the playoff moves on to an Armageddon game
    • In the Armageddon game, White will get 5 minutes while Black will get 4 minutes with no increment or delay. Colors will be allocated with a coin toss. White must win to win the match while Black needs a draw or win for victory.
    • Winner of the final match will receive the $600 first place prize and the Champion scholarship
    • The loser of the final match will receive the $400 second place prize and the 2nd place scholarship
  • 3rd Place: Players who lost in the semifinal games will play two games of G/15+2 with alternating colors to determine the 3rd place. In case of a tie, an Armageddon match will be played with the same condition as above.
    • The winner of the match for 3rd place will receive $200 third place prize and the 3rd place scholarship
    • The loser of the match for 3rd place will receive $100 fourth place prize and the 4th place scholarship

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