Losing is simply unacceptable!


My Chess Olympiad Philosophy

My philosophy in team competition has never changed. When I represent my country in the Chess Olympiad (I represented both Hungary and USA), I gave myself one task and one task only:

* Positively contribute to my team EVERY round. That means that I must NOT lose under any circumstance. I would fight with all my ability to win. But if I am unable to then I must get at least 1/2 point. Losing was simply unacceptable for me personally!

I was not at the Olympiad to have fun, to party, or anything else! I always gave 110% of myself. There were times when I was sick, I just sucked it up and fought even harder without any excuse.

On one occasion at the 2004 Chess Olympiad in Calvia, I received serious death threats. I responded by having my best ever performance in my Olympiad career.

I played a total of 56 games. I played on board 1 every game, and never rested in any round. I scored a total 31 wins, 25 draws, 0 loss

My total Chess Olympiad medal count is 5 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze, as well as best overall performance in 2004 after coming out of an almost 9 year retirement.

I have the same philosophy when I am now a coach at Webster University #1 ranked chess team. There is no I in team chess, and there is no excuse for not giving your all in training as well as in competition, and most importantly, REFUSE TO LOSE attitude!


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