Major Breakthrough: Saudi Arabia allows chess tournaments for women


Saudi Arabia allows chess tournaments for women
Lama to head first chess association section for women
Published: 13:39 December 5, 2017Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief

Manama: In another breakthrough for women in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Chess Association has announced the opening of its first section for women.

The section will be headed by Association Board Member Lama Khalid Al Sudairi, the association president, Motaz Sulaiman at the meeting of the board, said, Saudi daily Al Watan reported on Tuesday.

The chess association is the first sports institution in the Saudi kingdom to formalize the participation of women in sports activities.

The section will include in its programme several tournaments for women in several cities across the kingdom during this season.

Lama told the daily that she was “immensely proud” to be the first woman to head a section in a national sports association.

“The Saudi Chess Association has very outstanding and positive objectives and I am keen on boards of chess in every home and in every school in the kingdom because it is a game that enhances logical thinking,” she said.

“During the last meeting, we discussed many important issues related to the game. Our goal is to help build individuals who are capable of thinking and of being creative. We do not want minds that are passive.”

Saudi Arabia has been lately empowering women through sports, allowing them to organise inter-club tournaments.

Women will also be able to attend sporting events in the kingdom’s four major stadiums starting January 1.



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