My plea to FIDE for Gender Equality!


This is the official information of the 2018 World Junior and World Girl's Championship:

This is the official invitation to all National chess federations for participation in the FIDE World Junior Chess Championships 2018 (open & girls under 20) which will be held in Kocaeli - Gebze, Turkey from September 4th to 16th 2018.

The regulations are the same:

8.1 The tournament will be played according to theSwiss System in 11 rounds. Only FIDE ratings will be used for the pairings.

8.2 The FIDE time control is90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per movestarting from the 1st move.

8.3No draw offers are allowed before move 30. All other regulations apply as per FIDE Handbook, including 15 minutes default time.

The expenses are the same:

5.5 Lodging for additional extra players and accompanying persons will cost (upon availability):

Hotel**** (for 12 days Sep 04th check in- Sep 16th check out)

Single room: 75 Euros per person with full board - 3 meals daily

Double room: 50 Euros per person with full board -3 meals daily,

Triple room : 45 Euros per person with full board 3 meals daily. (Maximum 15 triple room)

Hotel*** (for 12 days Sep 04th check in- Sep 16th check out)

Single room: 72 Euros per person with full board - 3 meals daily

Double room : 47 Euros per person with full board -3 meals daily,

But just as in past events, the prizes are not offered equally:


1st place 3,000 Euros

2nd place 2,000 Euros

3rd place 1,000 Euros


1st place 2,000

Euros 2nd place 1,250

Euros 3rd place 750 Euros

The question is why? Why can't it be equal? While the difference is small, I strongly believe that we should close this gap and offer equal prizes starting next year.

This is not a criticism toward any organizer. From what I am told, everything is good. My plea is with FIDE.

I began offering equal prizes at many of my events going back to 10-15 years ago through my foundation. I created many programs to help boost girls' chess. It does work! Since that time, my foundation has awarded around $5.5 million in scholarships, cash, and chess prizes to girls and boys (slightly more than half went to girls).

Prior to me lobbying the US Chess Federation and its Executive Board in 2002-2003, there was no support for Girl's Chess in the United States. There were no all-girls chess events. At that time, many ridiculed, insulted, and attacked me for fighting hard to give girls a boost in chess.

Now more and more all-girls chess events popped up across the United States. In spite of the unprecedented success, some still attack and criticize my effort today because they do not think girls should play or belong chess. The difference is those are now the minority and not the majority as it used to be. But it was a painful and costly fight for over 15 years.

But if major things can change with one person's fight, imagine what we can do if we all work together.

Together, we can change the chess stigma for the better.

Together we can give girl's chess a humongous boost.

While I understand that things cannot change overnight, and it is not easy to find adequate sponsors to offer equal prizes right away, especially with big budget events like the Women's World Championships, World Cup, or Chess Olympiad, why not start with smaller budget events like World Girl's Championship?

We need to work together to make a statement on where FIDE stands when it comes to Gender Equality. Please make this change immediately starting next year's event.

On behalf of the FIDE Commission or Women's Chess, thank you!

Susan Polgar



I wrote this piece about the important of girl's chess events here:

And in July 2018, my foundation awarded a record $320,000 at the 15th annual SPF Girl's Invitational:


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