Pia Cramling wins Elite Hotels Open


On the wings of her fantastic achievement in the recent Gibraltar Masters, Pia Cramling retained the excellent form to claim a victory in the Elite Hotels Open that was held on 9-11th February in Växjö, Sweden.

In the field of 142 players and seven Grandmasters, Pia Cramling finished clear first with 7,0/8 points. Her husband Juan Bellon Lopez is on the shared 2nd place, while their daughter Anna is sharing 5th place.

The post on the Swedish Chess Federation website is highlighting the excellent results of the young players. Isak Storme came in fourth place, Kaan Kücüksari is seventh, Anna Cramling in eleventh place and in between Santiago Grueso Cordoba, who finished ninth.

The tournament format was 8-round Swiss with first four rounds being played on the rapid time control, while the remaining four were classical.

Final standings:

1 GM Pia Cramling 2449 - 7.0
2-4. GM Tiger Hillarp Persson 2543, GM Juan Bellon Lopez 2322 and CM Isak Storme 2213 - 6.5
5-11. GM Ralf Åkesson 2418, Per Vernersson 2290, FM Kaan Kücüksari 2250, CM Anders Nilsson 2197, Santiago Grueso Cordoba 2202, Patrik Nilsson Hask 2166 and Anna Cramling 2043 - 6.0 etc


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